The planet is in the midst of a biodiversity and climate crisis, and we have a last chance to act.

BiodivSourcing is your strategic partner to support your organisation to embed and use biodiversity sustainably.

We are recognized as experts on biodiversity and natural ingredients supply chains.

What we do

Whether you are a Company, a Standard setting organisation, a National or International institution, or an NGO, you can leverage our expertise and experiences as your strategic partner for a wide range of services:

  • Implementation of sustainable practices in your strategic supply chains.
  • Regenerative agriculture and climate resilient practices in your supply chains
  • Private Public Partnerships implementation (from diagnostic to evaluation)
  • Training of communities, suppliers and staff, based on participatory approach.
  • ForLife – FairForLife, Rainforest Alliance, UEBT etc. and/or your internal sustainable/responsible sourcing standard.
  • Supply chains assessment against sustainable practices.
  • Mainstreaming your biodiversity sourcing practices (e.g. showing linkages within the different departments of your organisation);
  • Support in setting Science-Based Targets for nature, following below basis:

  • Integrating good practices towards the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol;
  • Linking your sourcing practices to your CSR/ESG strategy;
  • Support in developing a Monitoring and Evaluation system to measure your biodiversity strategy and linking it to your Key Performance Indicators.

Who we are


Globally recognized as an expert on Nature and Biodiversity

She leads key discussions and strategic projects on Nature, Access and Benefits Sharing with local communities, private sector and the United Nations. Stephanie is passionate about Biodiversity conservation linked to corporate sustainability issues. Back in 2015 looking at global scientific reports, she warned about the risk of seeing a global pandemic breaking through. Seven years after, her warnings unfortunately became a reality….Stephanie is a forward-thinking person, who can shape the sustainable future of your organisation. She will help you to shape robust and pragmatic strategies to achieve your sustainability goals and help you thrive in our complex world.


Expert in sustainable supply chains of natural ingredients

Passionate about people and local development, Clement dedicated his career to supporting rural communities. Over the last 15 years, Clement has built a solid experience on sustainable supply chains of natural ingredients with NGOs and private companies in the most rural parts of the world. He has proven track records in agronomy and regenerative agriculture, livelihood strategies and participative approach. Clement always seeks to implement game-changing projects with a sound understanding of local context and actors. His strong leadership will support your organisation to implement transformational changes and put you at the forefront of your industry.

Years of experience
Accomplished missions

Our joint experiences allowed us to run projects in different regions of the world


Community development​


Biodiversity strategy​


Agriculture Rehabilitation​


Supply chain assessment​


Coconut sourcing, Essential oil supply chain assessments​


Biodiversity strategy​


Community development


Agriculture rehabilitation​


Supply chain assessment​


Coconut sourcing, Essential oil supply chain assessments​

Our vision

Nature is everyone’s business.

Healthy societies, resilient economies and thriving businesses rely on nature. It underpins the global economy.

It is not too late to make a difference,

but only if we start now at every level from local to global through transformative changes.

Status quo is not an option.

Together let's sustainably use our natural resources and introduce game-changing shifts in order to contribute to biodiversity restoration and build a nature-positive future.

We work with committed companies

Some of our projects

Cosmo International Ingredients

Implement Ethical BioTrade sourcing and Access and Benefit Sharing practices.

Strategic review for UEBT memberhsip 


Sederma from Croda group

Trainings on sustainable sourcing practices 

Operational tools on Access and Benefit sharing implementation.


Strategic review for UEBT membership and company sustainable commitments 


Laboratoires CLARINS

Train and Implement Access and Benefit Sharing practices. 


ISEAL Alliance

Independent Evaluators against the ISEAL Impacts Code and Standard Setting Code.