Some insights from ISEAL Alliance’s work

Coming across the last Newsletter of ISEAL Alliance, I wanted to share with you two posts that I found quite inspiring. ISEAL Alliance is featured in the UN Global Compact yearbook with an article on “Certification brings positive impacts and better traceability to business”. When working in the standards world we know that traceability is a […]

GHG, water and waste no more the main Sustainability Goals

End of August, The Economist released an article titled “New green wave”. I was always criticising the sustainability goals companies that set up GHG, water, energy consumption, SHE, etc. targets as being too much self-oriented. And I finally found an article that agrees with me in the sense that these goals are more efficiency policies […]

2014 MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity

On the 8th September 2014, the MIDORI Prize released the three winners, who will receive their prize during the upcoming COP12 to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in South Korea. Read more about the COP12 here. The MIDORI Prize is to honour individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity at global, […]

BiodivSourcing Newsletter #3

September 2014, here we are, almost in the last trimester of 2014, I must say that time flies. We all know it but it always strikes us when we look behind us to what we achieved in a year. Despite this feeling, our path to integrate sustainability into our day to day is still a long one. We need […]

Upcoming CBD COP12 – Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Mid October 2014, the Convention on Biological Diversity will hold its 12th Conference of the Parties (COP12). This event is a series of meetings grouping CBD signatory countries (parties), partners (business and institutions) to discuss about biodiversity and the goals we want to achieve to support the CBD objectives. In July 2014, the Open Working Group […]