Promoting biodiversity through sustainable development and vice-versa.

Today is the International Day of Biodiversity. For this, let’s use a cap on the B of Biodiversity.

This year (2015), the Convention on Biological Diversity chose to show how biodiversity can and should support sustainable development.

“People are an integral part of nature. The future we want needs to be based on living in harmony with nature so that it can sustain present and future generations.” Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, CBD Executive Secretary

We are all part of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is key to our life.

Biodiversity brings food, clean water, medicine, personal care.

Biodiversity helps to mitigate climate change, reduce disaster risk.

Biodiversity creates economic assets to people. Read more here.

However, Biodiversity is threatened by us, human beings. These threats are caused directly or indirectly by us but we need to be more aware of what Biodiversity means to us.

In this purpose the Union for Ethical BioTrade with the support of Cosmetics Inspiration and Creation created a really nice and good info-graphic, which highlights key information for our understanding on the Biodiversity importance to us and our businesses.

UEBT infograph_IDB2015