Example of big Biodiversity loss – Nicaragua

While working on the project I have with the IUCN for the ratification of Angola to the RAMSAR Convention, I am looking for a lot of scientific information on the state of biodiversity and forests in Angola. I found an interesting initiative – Mongabay – that tries to have updated information on the state of the worldwide rainforests.

I looked into their website to have information on Angola but I found a very interesting article on the Gran Canal project in Nicaragua. I never heard of it but it should start next Monday. The creation of such canal will impact a lot the local biodiversity and local communities. It will pass by the biggest freshwater lake of the region – Nicaragua lake.

The environmental and social impact is so big that it is depressive. No consultation has been done, the project violates the UN-DRIP (Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People), national laws, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.43.44 PM

This map shows the creation of a bit artificial lake and the need to dislocate several communities, including the Rama people. Have a look to a short movie here that interviews the local community of the Rama people.

I lived in Nicaragua for several months in 2006, it is a wonderful country. The people are so nice, the nature and its diversity so beautiful. We spent some days in the islands Omete in the middle of Nicaragua Lake, it is a magic place. Knowing now that while spending some day-off there you will be looking at tunkers, ones of the biggest ships of the world, it will become a nightmare.

Read more here on the specifications of the project in a BBC article.