How we work

BiodivSourcing works with companies, governments, standard setting organisations and local and international NGOs.

We want to become a key support to your organisation to help you achieve your commitments towards sustainable development and biodiversity use.


Our services include:

  • Support on ethical sourcing of biodiversity:
– Natural ingredient supply chain(s) assessment against sustainable practices (second or third party audit of specific supply chain against an internal or international standard);
– Support on natural ingredient supply chain(s) development;
– Training of communities, suppliers and staff on ethical sourcing based on the participatory approach;
– Support in following the CBD objectives including Access and Benefit Sharing practices (ref. Nagoya Protocol implementation);
– Support in Monitoring and Evaluation of the sustainable practices.
  • Integrate biodiversity management in your management system:
– Mainstreaming your biodiversity sourcing practices (e.g. showing linkages within the different departments of your organisation);
– Integrating good practices towards the application of the Nagoya Protocol, supporting the utilisation of tools (such as for example the Ethical BioTrade Standard);
– Linking your sourcing practices to your CSR strategy/practices;
– Support in developing a Monitoring and Evaluation system to measure your biodiversity strategy and linking it to your Key Performance Indicators.
  •  Support on implementation of social responsibility following ISO 26000
– Developing CSR strategy following the ISO 26000 guidance;
– Supporting in implementing CSR practices.
  • Support on Sustainable certification/verification processes (ESR, UTZ, FairTrade, UEBT, 4C Association, Rainforest Alliance – SAN, etc.)
– Supporting in participating in a social and environmental international standard system (certification, verification of supply chains or management system);
– Training of staff on these international standard based on the participatory approach.
  •  Support for implementation of international/local sustainable development projects:
– Monitoring and Evaluation of projects;
– Project coordination;
– Support in training based on the participatory approach.
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