Mainstreaming Biodiversity!


Few of us are working hard to promote, explain, implement business mindset ensuring that Biodiversity is now mainstreamed. We are happy and proud to see that it is becoming a real topic among the international community and business sector.

The 13th Conference of the Parties, that took place in Mexico, early December 2016 has made it its Main topic.

A side event Business and Biodiversity Forum took place early December gathering speakers from many sectors that shared their experience and somehow their willingness to improve their commitment towards Biodiversity.

This Forum ended up with a pledge signed by over 100 international organisations from public, private sectors, small or bigger, etc. See here the signatories.

Some of the signatories are companies BiodivSourcing supports: Cosmo International Ingredient, Firmenich, UEBT and many of them we are following closely as they are very involved in better monitoring their impact.

Even if this pledge as been signed by important and INfluencers, it does not mean that the work is done and results guaranteed. It just shows, that interest and awareness is growing but this is not sufficient. We need to continue promoting our values, providing pragmatic tools and responses to our clients in order to ensure that day by day Biodiversity is better integrated and becomes mainstreamed in the company.

Let’s keep going!