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We are in contact with various companies from the cosmetics sector to build collaboration towards biodiversity management.

We are also in contact with the CBD Secretariat and the relevant governments (depending on our geographical presence) with regards to biodiversity issues: NBSAP, Business and Biodiversity Partnership to develop a national initiative, ABS framework, etc.


Sederma_logoCrodarom_logoWe started a collaboration few months ago with BiodivSourcing regarding a rather complex topic. BiodivSourcing fully responded to our objectives on a better understanding of the issue, providing solutions and creating tools.

Logo ProdHyg

By professionalism and rigor to her teaching, Stephanie allowed us to address the complex issue that is the preservation of biodiversity through the Nagoya Protocol. With the help of Biodivsourcing we were able to implement a comprehensive approach that enables us both to meet the expectations of our customers and be in line with our business philosophy.
CII_logoOur collaboration with BiodivSourcing has been profitable and rich in learning.
BiodivSourcing knew how to propose us a global vision of the sustainable development and also brought us an effective technical support which has allowed us to structure our practices and set up relevant tools.
ISEAL LogoAs an independent evaluator for ISEAL, Stéphanie Paquin-Jaloux supports the ISEAL Secretariat to provide an objective assessment of our members’ compliance with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice (Standard-Setting and Impacts) and promote learning of credible practices in standard-setting and impacts.
We are happy with Stéphanie's work to date and have received positive feedback from the members under evaluation about Stéphanie's conscientious approach to the evaluations.
RSB_LOGO_long_full_colourStephanie did a very good work on our Independent Evaluation. She was quite reactive and serious about understanding our system. She ended up providing clear and helpful guidance. So we definitely recommend her for future similar assignments.
rjcLogo_RGBWe'd like to thank Stephanie for her comprehensive evaluation of the RJC's compliance with ISEAL's Impacts Code in 2014, which proved thorough assistance at the birth of RJC's reporting on impacts.

Since Jan 16:


BiodivSourcing is working with Cosmo International Ingredients to support them in starting to implement Ethical BioTrade sourcing practices and Access and Benefit Sharing practices linked to the entry into force of the Nagoya Protocol.

Since Oct 15:

Sederma_logoBiodivSourcing is working with SEDERMA and CRODAROM from CRODA group on key sustainable questions related to part of their natural ingredients supply chains.

Since June 2015:

Logo ProdHygBiodivSourcing is working with Laboratoires Prod’Hyg and LETICC to strengthen a specific supply chain with regards to Ethical BioTrade practices as well as supporting the company towards its ethical commitments.


Since Jan 2015:

We offer training sessions to learn more about the Nagoya Protocol and to start anticipating its implications.

We already did several trainings to French companies, such as Laboratoires CLARINS, Laboratoires Prod’Hyg & LETICC, Sederma and CRODAROM, Cosmo International Ingredients and Société Albert Vieille. A total of 60 participants from different departments: R&D, sourcing, legal, patent, commercial, and production were trained.

Stay tuned and contact us to know when we will be close to your country to organise a training session.

From January to June 2016:


BiodivSourcing provided consultancy to DSM on the legal framework of the Nagoya Protocol and – in particular – its implementation in France.

From Sept 2014 to May 2015:

RAMSARBiodivSourcing was the main consultant for a IUCN project to support Angola to ratify the RAMSAR Convention. The project consisted in describing the 11 selected wetland sites, train local staff and governance to manage these sites, and deliver the necessary documents for the ratification process.


Since Jan 2014:


Stéphanie Paquin-Jaloux has been selected to take part in a technical committee for ISEAL Alliance. ISEAL Alliance is reviewing its Impacts Code and creates a Sounding Body: an ad hoc group of persons with experience in monitoring and evaluation and understanding of the Impacts Code. Note: The Sounding Body is not a decision-making body, but will advise during the drafting of the Impacts Code. It will disband once the revision is complete. If you want to take part in the revision process, please click here.

Stéphanie Paquin-Jaloux has been selected and trained to be one of the Independent Evaluators against the ISEAL Impacts Code and Standard Setting Code. She will be auditing some of ISEAL members against this code in the course of 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Evaluators are selected on the basis of their expertise in the field of sustainability standards and experience with standards systems themselves and auditing techniques. The current roster of independent evaluators underwent a rigorous selection process and training by ISEAL, both on the independent evaluation process and on the Code they are assessing against.

Read more about ISEAL Alliance Independent Evaluators roster here.


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