People at the centre of forest policies – to be strengthened (ref. FAO)

On June 23rd, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation released its new publication on the State of the World’s Forests, covering 121 countries’ policies. The publication emphasises on the importance to put people at the centre of forest policies. Nowadays, national policies rarely fully recognize the vital role of forests in providing local communities with […]

New French regulation on Biodiversity

On March 26th, the former minister of Ecology presented the French project regulation to the Ministry Council. On June 10th, the new Minister presented it to the National Assembly, which gives a start to the formal process of approving a new legislation. This new legislation plans to create a new National Agency for Biodiversity and, […]

European Union memo on ABS and the EU regulation

 On June 10th, the European Union released a memo with key questions regarding ABS and the EU regulation reflecting the Nagoya Protocol. It explains the basis of the EU regulation including the due-diligence concept. It also details the scope of the regulation. A good FAQ when we are not familiar with the legal vocabulary of […]

BiodivSourcing Newsletter #2

Better late than never! Please find below the archive of our 2nd newsletter shared in April. Read the whole newsletter here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our work.

May 22nd – International Day of Biodiversity

After a few weeks of silence, may I get back to write on an important day regarding the issues I try to promote i.e. Biodiversity. As you may have heard in your countries on May 22nd was the International Day of Biodiversity. This year the highlight was on Islands ecosystems. On this purpose, the CBD […]