Monitoring and Impact evaluation – Not an easy task but KEY

Monitoring and Impact evaluation is not easy but this is KEY to any business and development programme to show what they want to achieve and how they are achieving it. In this context, ISEAL Alliance through its Impact code tries to give orientation to sustainable standard setting organisations on how a M&E system should look […]

Biocultural Protocols – Tools for the Nagoya Protocol implementation

Within the Nagoya Protocol, we can find a list of tools that can be use to ease its implementation, among them, the Biocultural protocol. The Nagoya protocol requires parties to recognise the customary laws and community protocols of Indigenous people or local communities that govern the access and use of biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge. […]

Nagoya Protocol enters into force soon – October 2014

End of July 2014, we counted 51 countries that ratified the Nagoya Protocol, which includes, Madagascar, Mauritius, India, Vietnam, Republic of Laos, Switzerland, Benin, Uganda, Mozambique, among others. You can access the full list here. As you might have already read, the Nagoya protocol has been adopted in October 2010 during COP10. This protocol aims […]