Our #5 Newsletter – What’s up in 2015

We are expecting some movement regarding the different national legislation, regulations which would reflect the Nagoya Protocol. See in this newsletter some information on the French, the Brazilian and the Philippines ABS regulations. We continue to strongly think that the Monitoring and Evaluation of your practices with regards to biodiversity impact will become key to […]

Brazilian revised ABS law goes back the Deputy chamber

In February 2015, the Brazilian law has been approved by the Deputy chamber and sent to the Senat for its approval on April 14th. The main changes of the Brazilian framework compared to the previous text are the following: Prior authorization will be done electronically instead of passing by the CGEN; Benefit sharing arising from […]

Angola and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

As you might have followed I am working on a project with IUCN and WWF International to support Angola in ratifying the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. 11 sites have been selected and needs to be described following the Ramsar Convention requirements. The Ramsar Convention exists since 1971 and aims at preserving wetlands of international importance. […]