Nagoya Protocol implementation updates

To what extent the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol is progressing within the countries, being parties or not? Here are few updates: Malaysian player:The bill on ABS is at the Attorney’s General Office for last review, according to an article published January 8th, 2017 here. Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar in the Sundaily attending the COP13 […]

How to integrate sustainable values in your business? (1/2)

I prone and support companies to integrate sustainability in their day-to-day business, but actually why is that so important? How can it be done? End of 2015, before COP21, SustainAbility together with GlobeScan released an Infographic based on their survey towards experts on sustainability that highlights the following topics: Who had a leading role in […]

ABS updates and Biopiracy examples

As often mentioned in my posts related to ABS, things are moving but rather slowly. However, I wanted to share with you the last CBD Magazine that gives an overview of actions, partnerships taken to support the Nagoya Protocol Implementation. In the issue we can read about: the EU regulation: State pf play, Challenges and […]

Oct 15: ABS updates and steps forward

Even if we know that the implementation of ABS practices are not easy due to various factors such as: National regulation under development, which uncertainties in the current daily processes; Real implementation at the national level: how does the regulation actually work? who is the competent authority? and if none, who should we contact?, etc. […]

Biodiversity awareness in 2015

A month without an article!! Much too long. Let me correct this now with few insights from my trip to Paris to attend the 2015 ‘Beauty of Sourcing with respect’ Conference, starting with the Biodiversity Barometer. Since 2009, the Union for Ethical BioTrade publishes with IPSOS an international biodiversity barometer. This tool is used by […]

Biodiversity and Human Health

These last posts, we mainly discussed the linkages between biodiversity and businesses to get private sectors engage into biodiversity preservation, sustainable use and sharing of its benefits. But here is another WHY, we need to take care of biodiversity. This WHY is more selfish as it shows how biodiversity loss impacts our survival, as it […]

Learnings and pending questions on NP Implementation

End of January, the ABS Capacity Development Initiative organised its 4th Business Dialogue. The aim of this conference is to create an environment where regulators and private sectors can share their views with regards to the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol. It was my first time in this conference and I must say that it […]

Our #4 newsletter – End of 2014

2015 already started but I wanted to share with you my last newsletter that I shared with my subscribers before Christmas. Read more here. However since then, we are pleased to see that 2015 started with some very interesting projects in the pipeline as some trainings done.  

CBD COP12 – Key outcomes

After 2 weeks of discussions, side events, the CBD COP 12 was closed last Friday – October 17th, 2014. Even if I have not been there, I want to share with you key outcomes that had been highlighted by the European Commission and WWF. As per the main theme of the meetings, discussions and commitments […]

Nagoya Protocol entered into force on October 12th, 2014

As you might have followed in the news and my posts, the CBD COP12 in Pyeongchang is taking place since last week until the end of this week. Read more here. During this COP, 4 years after approving the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Sharing of Benefits arising from their utilisation, […]