SDGs mean business – Role of Credible Sustainability standards

I am not a PRO standard and certification schemes however I must say that the sustainability standards by themselves are very useful tools to understand the different practices that can be implemented to address specific issues/challenges: what is sustainable agriculture? what is a fair prices? what is a dialogue-based partnership? what is a decent living […]

Training to farmers by BiodivSourcing

What a great experience to go back in the field after few years in Angola. As you know we moved to Indonesia. Such a great country, where you have some many things to do, so many natural ingredients to work with, people are so nice and welcoming. We are working with a client to strengthen […]

2016 Sustainability Leaders Survey – Our thoughts

Few months ago, SustAinability and GlobeScan released the results of the 2016 Sustainability Leaders Survey. You can read here, my overview of the 2015 results. Key points of the 2016 Survey: Non-state actors continue to outperform all other institutions on sustainable development – especially national governments. The private sector has been facing growing expectations to […]

How Companies are integrating sustainable values in their business? (2/2)

Following my previous article and to go beyond the usual list of leaders* that you could read in various publications and that we already heard of, other companies have taken important and interesting steps to meet their sustainable commitments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Starbucks is an example of the concept of “putting materiality […]

How to integrate sustainable values in your business? (1/2)

I prone and support companies to integrate sustainability in their day-to-day business, but actually why is that so important? How can it be done? End of 2015, before COP21, SustainAbility together with GlobeScan released an Infographic based on their survey towards experts on sustainability that highlights the following topics: Who had a leading role in […]

Business partnerships – Examples from the 2015 BSR

How to work together towards sustainability? You will find here some KEY words on how we should/could start. For sure some ideas are common sense but sometimes they are not necessarily used in business practices. Dialogue: We want to work together being competitors, client/customer, partner, consultant we need to talk together we need to listen […]

Biodiversity awareness in 2015

A month without an article!! Much too long. Let me correct this now with few insights from my trip to Paris to attend the 2015 ‘Beauty of Sourcing with respect’ Conference, starting with the Biodiversity Barometer. Since 2009, the Union for Ethical BioTrade publishes with IPSOS an international biodiversity barometer. This tool is used by […]

7th Edition of the UEBT Conference – Let’s meet in Paris

I am very happy to attend the next UEBT conference on June 25th in Paris at Etoile Saint Honoré venue. I hope you will do as well and that we could meet to share experiences with regards to sustainable sourcing of biodiversity. I will stay in Paris the whole week (June 22nd to June 27th), […]

Promoting biodiversity through sustainable development and vice-versa.

Today is the International Day of Biodiversity. For this, let’s use a cap on the B of Biodiversity. This year (2015), the Convention on Biological Diversity chose to show how biodiversity can and should support sustainable development. “People are an integral part of nature. The future we want needs to be based on living in […]

CBD COP12 – Key outcomes

After 2 weeks of discussions, side events, the CBD COP 12 was closed last Friday – October 17th, 2014. Even if I have not been there, I want to share with you key outcomes that had been highlighted by the European Commission and WWF. As per the main theme of the meetings, discussions and commitments […]