Mainstreaming Biodiversity!

Few of us are working hard to promote, explain, implement business mindset ensuring that Biodiversity is now mainstreamed. We are happy and proud to see that it is becoming a real topic among the international community and business sector. The 13th Conference of the Parties, that took place in Mexico, early December 2016 has made […]

Disclosure requirements in IP applications

As soon as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has been created and the Nagoya Protocol was under discussion, parallel discussions were and still are ongoing on how patent policies can reflect the Objectives of the CBD. The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) works with its members to find consensus on the formulation of a […]

ABS updates and Biopiracy examples

As often mentioned in my posts related to ABS, things are moving but rather slowly. However, I wanted to share with you the last CBD Magazine that gives an overview of actions, partnerships taken to support the Nagoya Protocol Implementation. In the issue we can read about: the EU regulation: State pf play, Challenges and […]

Biodiversity awareness in 2015

A month without an article!! Much too long. Let me correct this now with few insights from my trip to Paris to attend the 2015 ‘Beauty of Sourcing with respect’ Conference, starting with the Biodiversity Barometer. Since 2009, the Union for Ethical BioTrade publishes with IPSOS an international biodiversity barometer. This tool is used by […]

Nagoya Protocol entered into force on October 12th, 2014

As you might have followed in the news and my posts, the CBD COP12 in Pyeongchang is taking place since last week until the end of this week. Read more here. During this COP, 4 years after approving the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Sharing of Benefits arising from their utilisation, […]

GHG, water and waste no more the main Sustainability Goals

End of August, The Economist released an article titled “New green wave”. I was always criticising the sustainability goals companies that set up GHG, water, energy consumption, SHE, etc. targets as being too much self-oriented. And I finally found an article that agrees with me in the sense that these goals are more efficiency policies […]

Upcoming CBD COP12 – Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Mid October 2014, the Convention on Biological Diversity will hold its 12th Conference of the Parties (COP12). This event is a series of meetings grouping CBD signatory countries (parties), partners (business and institutions) to discuss about biodiversity and the goals we want to achieve to support the CBD objectives. In July 2014, the Open Working Group […]

Biocultural Protocols – Tools for the Nagoya Protocol implementation

Within the Nagoya Protocol, we can find a list of tools that can be use to ease its implementation, among them, the Biocultural protocol. The Nagoya protocol requires parties to recognise the customary laws and community protocols of Indigenous people or local communities that govern the access and use of biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge. […]

New French regulation on Biodiversity

On March 26th, the former minister of Ecology presented the French project regulation to the Ministry Council. On June 10th, the new Minister presented it to the National Assembly, which gives a start to the formal process of approving a new legislation. This new legislation plans to create a new National Agency for Biodiversity and, […]

May 22nd – International Day of Biodiversity

After a few weeks of silence, may I get back to write on an important day regarding the issues I try to promote i.e. Biodiversity. As you may have heard in your countries on May 22nd was the International Day of Biodiversity. This year the highlight was on Islands ecosystems. On this purpose, the CBD […]