Angola and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

As you might have followed I am working on a project with IUCN and WWF International to support Angola in ratifying the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. 11 sites have been selected and needs to be described following the Ramsar Convention requirements. The Ramsar Convention exists since 1971 and aims at preserving wetlands of international importance. […]

World Wetlands Day – Feb 2nd

A quick post regarding the World Wetlands Day, as we are working with IUCN to support Angola to ratify the Ramsar convention on Wetlands. Wetlands are considered as source of life and therefore biodiversity. These are lands, permanently or temporarily, flooded by saltwater, brackish or freshwater. In Angola we are working on 11 potential Ramsar […]


Continuing to promote the work done by the Union for Ethical BioTrade, as I still entirely share their values and commitments. May I share with you a document that UEBT developed for their annual international conference ‘The Beauty of Sourcing with Respect‘: Access and Benefit Sharing: Understanding international and national laws. Maria Julia Oliva, Senior Coordinator […]

Moringa Oleifera – Well known plants also available in Angola

Who has heard about Moringa? I did not before I arrive in Angola. However, I always been intrigued by one of the body butter of The Body Shop composed of Moringa. I now know more about it thanks to Gus Le Breton from Bio-Innovation Zimbabwé and Ivo Costa Faria – Porto-angolan nutritionist, expert in natural […]

Convention on Biological Diversity – Aichi targets and National Strategic Plan for Biodiversity

During the II BioTrade Congress, the CBD presented the importance for signatory countries to review their National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP)according to the 2020 Aichi targets. There are 5 Strategic goals detailed by the Aichi targets that every NBSAP should follow: A: Address the underlying causes of biodiversity loss by mainstreaming biodiversity across government […]

Mumpeke or Ximenia Americana from Southern Angola

Now based in Angola, I am looking for information on the local plant species inventory. I found a very interesting scientific article on Ximenia Americana commonly named Mumpeke in Angola, which provides information on the collection areas, its traditional uses and production. Read more. Valeria Urso, the author, will be presenting in December the results of […]