Biodiversity and Human Health

These last posts, we mainly discussed the linkages between biodiversity and businesses to get private sectors engage into biodiversity preservation, sustainable use and sharing of its benefits. But here is another WHY, we need to take care of biodiversity. This WHY is more selfish as it shows how biodiversity loss impacts our survival, as it […]

Our #4 newsletter – End of 2014

2015 already started but I wanted to share with you my last newsletter that I shared with my subscribers before Christmas. Read more here. However since then, we are pleased to see that 2015 started with some very interesting projects in the pipeline as some trainings done.  

Example of big Biodiversity loss – Nicaragua

While working on the project I have with the IUCN for the ratification of Angola to the RAMSAR Convention, I am looking for a lot of scientific information on the state of biodiversity and forests in Angola. I found an interesting initiative – Mongabay – that tries to have updated information on the state of […]