SDGs mean business – Role of Credible Sustainability standards

I am not a PRO standard and certification schemes however I must say that the sustainability standards by themselves are very useful tools to understand the different practices that can be implemented to address specific issues/challenges: what is sustainable agriculture? what is a fair prices? what is a dialogue-based partnership? what is a decent living […]

How businesses value sustainable standards?

This month the ISEAL Alliance released an interesting report from interviews to businesses to understand how they perceive the value of sustainable standards. Read the full report here. I am very happy to see that the work we have done so far is paying, less companies are seeing the sustainable standards as ONLY a market […]

Some insights from ISEAL Alliance’s work

Coming across the last Newsletter of ISEAL Alliance, I wanted to share with you two posts that I found quite inspiring. ISEAL Alliance is featured in the UN Global Compact yearbook with an article on “Certification brings positive impacts and better traceability to business”. When working in the standards world we know that traceability is a […]

Monitoring and Impact evaluation – Not an easy task but KEY

Monitoring and Impact evaluation is not easy but this is KEY to any business and development programme to show what they want to achieve and how they are achieving it. In this context, ISEAL Alliance through its Impact code tries to give orientation to sustainable standard setting organisations on how a M&E system should look […]

Looking at CSR 2.0

While surfing on Internet, I found an old article on CSR 2.0 dated from May 2009. The concept of CSR 2.0 is quite interesting in addition of refreshing CSR practices. CSR 2.0 looks at upscaling the positive impact of CSR practices based on 5 new principles as follows: – Creativity: with a better integration in […]